Canada Life Wealth Preservation Account

Understanding the Principles - Retained Interest Trusts


Risk Warnings

  • This content is intended for invited UK resident clients of QS Financial only.
  • Viewing this video does not represent a form of recommendation or promotion and you should not make any tax or investment decision on the basis of this video presentation. The suitability and, if appropriate, the recommendation for using arrangements such as these should be based upon your personal circumstances and QS will provide such where it feels taking such actions would be beneficial to our client.
  • The provider of this video is not the only company offering arrangements such as these. When making recommendations to clients the most suited arrangement for their specific circumstances will be utilised.
  • The basis and rates of taxation changes over time. It is important to understand the tax regime as it applies to you when making any investment.
  • When making investments it is a certainty that values will fluctuate over time and when encashing holdings you may, particularly in the short term, get back less than you invested.
  • When making investments with institutions based outside the UK you will not be protected by the Policyholders Protection Act 1975 or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

This is a private page intended only for those clients of QS Financial who have been given the direct address by QS. The link is provided only for the purpose of assisting specific clients to visualise the operation of a particular trust concept that we have already discussed with them.

The information on this page was posted on 21st February 2017.