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QS Financial is a firm of independent financial planners formed in 1988.

We believe in delivering advice that goes beyond just numbers.  We believe that where possible it should take the form of an ongoing relationship where we interact with our clients throughout their financial journey to help them reach their goals and overcome any potential hurdles along the way. 

We don't offer stock solutions; we offer fully personalised advice services where every plan of action has been specifically designed for your circumstances and, just as importantly, your personality.

Much of our work revolves around lifestyle planning, both now and for your future, which goes further than just discussing money.  It is about encouraging you to consider what is really important to you, your family, and your business if you have one.  We then help you to plan how to use what you have today, and what you will build in the future, to give you the security and financial outcome you desire.

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We offer many services to help you plan for your future

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