We have a simple but comprehensive approach to help you develop financial independence and understanding.

1. We place ourselves in your shoes

You are an individual and the advice you receive should be too.  Our underlying philosophy is to look at your distinct circumstances as if they were our own and find the solution we would want if we were in your position.

As a fully independent firm, we don't have multiple layers of cost for you to fund and no head office setting product sales targets or imposing cookie-cutter templates that don't fit your requirements, circumstances and personality.

We are free to offer you bespoke advice, uniquely tailored for your needs and objectives using the whole marketplace.

2. We help you plan properly for the future

If you are willing to invest time with us in developing a detailed lifetime financial plan, we can help you identify what capital and cash flows you will require to achieve your lifetime goals.

More than that we can help to deliver a solution to provide what you need when you need it, how to accumulate it, and how to protect both you and your family from financial obstacles along the way.

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3. We help you understand risk

Many people we meet have a wide range of investments they have acquired over the years but do not know what level of risk they are taking compared to what they are actually comfortable with.

We help you understand short and long term investment risk and to identify your own personal comfort zone.  This in turn helps you to identify what types of investment you will really be comfortable with.

4. We only recommend investments suited to you

After identifying what level of risk and volatility you are comfortable with, we develop an investment portfolio designed around you.

We create your portfolio based upon strategic asset allocation, constructed using advanced investment analysis software.  This helps to match the investments you hold to your expectations and comfort level.

We believe that it is vitally important that your investments are a true reflection of your needs and requirements while ensuring that you are comfortable with the portfolio and fully understand what you are invested in.

Like every other aspect of financial planning, your portfolio requires regular maintenance.  By way of regular reviews we can help ensure that it stays in line with any change to your attitude to risk and your personal circumstances over time.

5. We help you find the tax efficient route

In some cases simple tax planning and analysis can make an instant and very significant improvement to investment returns and net income levels.

This can be as simple as getting an extra 25% return on your deposit interest or fixed interest dividends by placing them inside an ISA or considering, where appropriate, investments which qualify for tax relief or tax free returns.

For many families one of the most challenging factors is how to plan for Inheritance Tax.  A great many people do not take advantage of even the most basic tax exemptions allowed by HMRC.  We can help you understand what is available, and how to use it in the most efficient way.