As life expectancy increases, retirement represents an ever growing financial challenge; the average person will now spend over a fifth of their lifetime in retirement and this could be much longer if you are in good health.  Sound financial planning leading up to retirement can help to ensure that you have the money you need to live the lifestyle you desire throughout this time.

Pre-Retirement Planning

We can look at what you have today and how that will measure up at retirement against the post-retirement lifestyle that you would like to enjoy, identifying the affordability of achieving that objective and dealing with any obstacles that could hinder you along the way.

Creating a What-If Cashflow plan can help you visualise the road ahead.

At-Retirement Planning

This is not just about pensions and the options you have and how those funds are used.  It is also about understanding how different parts of your overall savings and investments can be combined with your pensions to deliver a tax-efficient income and also about identifying how your expenditure may change over time.  You may also need to manage some of the conflicts many retirees face (for example helping children now vs securing your own income vs leaving a legacy).

Our experience of 'at-retirement' planning is that it is at this time that many people first seriously consider later life issues such as gifting surplus assets and trust planning.